VIDEO: Former NFL MVP Cam Newton Lays Down Some Harsh Criticism For Caitlin Clark As She Continues To Take A Ton Of Punishment.

Cam Newton on a podcast and Caitlin Clark complaining during a game.Cam Newton and Caitlin Clark (Photos via YouTube and Getty Images)
Former Carolina Panthers star quarterback and 2015 NFL MVP Award winner Cam Newton gave Caitlin Clark some constructive criticism on how to deal with the physicality that she has endured from her WNBA opponents.

Caitlin Clark has come as advertised for the Indiana Fever, but it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows for the Iowa product and her giant fanbase. Clark’s opponents have noticeably gotten rather physical against her, and officials frequently fail to blow whistles on instances where she is clearly fouled.

That notion reared its ugly head a week ago when Chennedy Carter of the Chicago Sky delivered an unnecessary shoulder check on Clark after making a two-point basket in the third quarter of their game. Officials called a standard foul on Carter at the time, but the WNBA later reviewed the play and upgraded it to a flagrant foul.

While countless fans have expressed disgust and frustration with the amount of physical contact Clark has taken from her opponents, Newton took a different approach during the latest edition of his “4th & 1 with Cam Newton” show:

“Why are we actin’ as if she’s America’s sweetheart in a league that, she’s in a league full of hyenas and lions, tigers and bears? Everybody is comin’ after you to try to dethrone you, and trying to get in your head-mentally, physically, emotionally. And this is just an example of that.

“Nobody is above getting checked or being disliked. So, Caitlin, welcome to the big leagues. Everybody ain’t gonna like you. Everybody not gon’ like the fact that you just are as young as you are and you’re the face of the WNBA. They’re not gonna like the fact that Nike just dropped a big boy bag on you. So, yeah…what did Steve Smith say? You gotta ice up, son.”

“Why are we acting like she’s America’s sweetheart Nobody’s above getting checked or disliked.

Not everyone will like that you’re young, the face of the WNBA, and got a big deal from Nike. As Steve Smith said, You gotta ice up, son.”@CameronNewton advice to Caitlin Clark – 4thand1show (@4thand1show) June 8, 2024

Steve Smith Sr., Newton’s former teammate, famously said “Ice up son” to then-New England Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib after his Panthers defeated Tom Brady and company in a 2013 Monday night showdown.

To her credit, Caitlin Clark has taken the high road and refused to call out her opponents or the officials publicly. But if the physical contact against her continues to ramp up, the WNBA may ultimately decide to step in and protect one of its most marketable stars.

Caitlin Clark Is Off To A Phenomenal Start

The 22-year-old hasn’t disappointed in the slightest since turning professional.

Through her first 12 games, Clark is averaging 16.8 points, 5.3 rebounds and 6.3 assists per game while shooting 32.7 percent from downtown. The Iowa legend had 30 points (matching her personal best) in Friday night’s 85-83 win over the Washington Mystics.