Angel Reese in Sky jersey (left) and Jason Whitlock speaking (right)
Angel Reese and Jason Whitlock (Photos via Getty Images & @WhitlockJason/X)
Jason Whitlock lashed out at Angel Reese in a scathing rant this week, branding the Chicago Sky forward the most overrated athlete in sports.

Reese has been one of the best players in the women’s game for a while now, yet she still has plenty of critics. Many of those happen to be Caitlin Clark fans, with Whitlock a detractor who reckons she’s jealous of the Indiana Fever star.

Despite winning a national championship with LSU and averaging a double-double in the pros, Reese appears to have much more to do before she can win some folks over.

Whitlock took some shots at the former Lady Tigers star on Tuesday, suggesting she must get laughs out of Candace Parker.

He also criticized the entire WNBA, suggesting that Reese is as unskilled as any player in the league.

“She is awkward… Her lower body seems to be disconnected from her upper body. She’s incredibly unathletic. She has no skill, no postgame. I’m sure Candace Parker watches her and laughs.” Whitlock said.

Check him out in the video below:

“That’s the difference between you and Candace Parker she doesn’t look and laugh she loves her sisters,” one of the comments read. “It’s one thing to point out flaws in someone’s game but why do it with so much disdain? Someone hurt you bad!”

“She brings fans and is unique she is def not someone to hate on like this.” another pointed out.

Angel Reese Is Adjusting To The WNBA Like Every Other Rookie

While Angel Reese isn’t as efficient as she hoped she would be in the WNBA, she holds her own on the court and remains a rebounding machine.

Of course, there is a learning curve in the pros, and she’s still adjusting to the WNBA, as is Caitlin Clark.

Jason Whitlock went way too far with this one, but Reese has time on her side and will be looking to prove all of her critics wrong in the coming years.