Photos of woman sending text in stands at SEC Title Game.

While snooping on someone’s private conversation is bad form, people tend to let it slide if whatever’s being said is hateful.

As such, one woman was recorded sending some racist texts regarding LSU star Flau’jae Johnson after a fight broke out during the fourth quarter of the SEC Title Game on Sunday.

The Tigers were on the losing end and tempers flared after Johnson committed a hard foul. Her brother also jumped onto the court from the stands after the melee broke out, leading to his arrest.

Caught In 4K

In the videos shown below, the woman in question is seen sending someone text messages in which she refers to Flau’jae as “Flose” while calling her a thug, calling her brother a thug, and branding her father a “thug rapper.”

Photos of woman sending text in stands at SEC Title Game

The user who posted the video also claims to have seen the woman referring to Johnson as a “thug B-” before they started recording.

Check it out:

Just so yall know these vids came after seeing this lady call Flau’jae a thug FB post, then calling her a thug bitch in text, with that 100% font it was hard not to see.

— Pippen🦂 (@Pippen_AintEZ) March 10, 2024
Flau’jae, who is also a rapper, might have something to say about this if she gets wind of it.