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The Indiana Fever battled it out against the Washington Mystics and defeated them by a margin of 88-81.

What stood out for the Fever was Aliyah Boston, Caitlin Clark, and Kelsey Mitchell’s performances as the three decimated an exceptional 22, 18, and 22 points each. However, another moment that caught all eyes was when Clark was involved in a possible foul but wasn’t called out by the referees.

The moment occurred when Clark was going for a layup against the Washington Mystics but was blocked by their star Stefanie Dolson. And what occurred next disappointed Clark’s fans.

Clark was going for a basket when she dodged the Mystics’ guard Karlie Samuelson. Next, she was up against Dolson. Clark on seeing an open space went for a layup and jumped for the same. Meanwhile, Dolson on seeing Clark came from her left side and blocked the shot. In the attempt, Dolson’s hand hit that of Clark and hence a lot of Clark’s fans wanted it to be called out as a foul by the referees.

But the officials didn’t think along the same lines. While the game went on and the Fever won the match, the snippet of the probable foul was posted on the social media platform X by a fan “How is this not a foul for Caitlin Clark???,” posted the user. To which other Clark admirers came to support the 22-year-old.

Caitlin Clark fans slam referees and also take a dig at Angel Reese

“Where’s that special whistle @Reese10Angel is referring to?,” stated one user. The user was referring to the fact that Clark’s rival Angel Reese had sarcastically taken a dig at referees for being partial towards her when Reese’s teammate Chennedy Carter had her foul against Clark upgraded to flagrant foul one. Reese had then accused the refs since as per her she had seen a lot of fouls in the film afterward but it was only the foul against Clark that was given a whistle by the officials.

“if you go slowmotion it is actually all ball, so no call is correct ,” one fan commented. The fan was pointing out that as per him, the block by Dolson had hit the ball and not Clark’s arm. Therefore, it was fair not to give a foul.

“Remember, WNBA refs were the lowest paid refs at any level (tied with city league) before this season. Like the air travel, they’ll need to be upgraded at some point too,” another fan commented. As per NBA senior vice president for referees and training Monty McCutchen, a WNBA ref is paid around $1500 per game for beginners. Whereas for NBA refs the annual salary can range from $180,000 to over $550,000. Hence the fan was bringing this fact to everyone’s notice.

“How does her coach not challenge it?,” another netizen stated. The user was disappointed by the fact that Clark’s coach Christie Sides didn’t ask for a review and also didn’t contend for a foul. Previously too against Carter when Clark was shoved, a lot of people had pointed out that Clark’s teammates were missing for the same. This was another instance when Clark’s problems reflected badly on the Fever.

“Ref ruined her potential 20 point game,” one fan commented. The user overtly brought up the fact that Clark scored 18 points today. Had it been given a foul and Clark was entrusted with 2 free throws, she could have reached 20 points. But maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

Hopefully, the fans will be able to let things go and instead focus on the coming matches and next time Clark will make her fans swoon with her 20-point game.

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