Will Geno Auriemma retire after Paige Bueckers leaves? And if so who will take over as coach of UConn.

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UConn coach Geno Auriemma all-but confirms retirement is coming soon

Geno Auriemma long ago secured his legacy as one of college basketball’s greatest coaches, and he has made it clear that the end of his career on UConn’s sideline isn’t far away

Legendary UConn head coach Geno Auriemma has admitted that his retirement may come as a spur of the moment decision – and one that could arrive as soon as the conclusion of the 2024-25 season. In fact, he suggested he would have stepped away this year if Paige Bueckers hadn’t opted to return for the next campaign.

“One [WNBA eligible player] is coming back,” he told a community breakfast via CT Insider. “I mean it’s gonna be my 40th year. It only would have been 39 if [Bueckers] wasn’t coming back.”

Paige Bueckers and Geno Auriemma both announce they will spend at least one  more year at UConn | Connecticut Public

Auriemma, 69, continues to demonstrate that age is just a number with his all-encompassing approach to life in charge of the Huskies. The icon has been in his post for an astonishing 39 years. He celebrated his 1,200th career win earlier this year.

One of the most successful coaches in basketball history, he boasts a record-breaking 11 NCAA Division I national championship titles to his name. However, the storied figure cannot go on forever, with previous comments over reversing a decision to potentially retire indicating his current outlook on the prospect.

Speaking previously when Bueckers confirmed her intention to stay with the Huskies into the next season, Auriemma acknowledged that he was planning to depart “until Paige announced that she’s coming back,” before putting any speculation about 2024-25 to bed by adding: “Yeah, I’ll be back.”

Later he admitted that working with the 22-year-old point guard is still motivating him as he comes close to completing four decades of service at UConn. He confessed: “Well, then you delude yourself. You become delusional. Because if I say to the kids we’re recruiting, ‘Listen, we’ve won 11 national championships and winning a 12th doesn’t change my life one iota? Do you think my legacy is going to change because we won 12 instead of 11?’

Geno Auriemma has spoken honestly about how long he has left as head coach of the Huskies

“Who cares? However, if you come here and Paige [Bueckers] says, ‘Coach Auriemma helped me win my only national championship and I’m really grateful for that’ — OK, let me see if I can see this through. And if it happens, great. If it doesn’t you go, ‘Got to go.’ But do you really want to leave that kid? And there’s always another kid and another kid after that.”

The veteran coach also admitted to looking at figures such as Pete Carroll and Nick Saban and wondering when the time will come that he too leaves the game he loves.

He explained: “Everybody thinks they’ve got plenty left in them until that time comes when they go out and don’t have anything left in them. You just don’t know when it is. And Pete Carroll,” he said, as he made reference to the recently retired Seattle Seahawks figure. “He’s out, too.”