Angel Reese is currently getting all the limelight in the WNBA.

Though she lost both her matches to Caitlin Clark, there is no denying that Reese has transitioned well into the league. And she credits her smooth transition to the long practice hours that she underwent at LSU. However, her comment regarding the said duration during her NCAA days did not sit too well with the ex-NFL star Marcellus Wiley.

Reese appeared in an interview on CBS Sports where she credited her former head coach at LSU Kim Mulkey for preparing her well for the WNBA. However, what caught all fancy and became a point of controversy was that she stated practicing almost four hours every day.

“At LSU, our practice was, like, four hours. We were ready. We were working. I thought training camp was going to be harder, so I think I was really prepared,” Reese stated.

But, what does Wiley have to say regarding this comment?

Marcellus Wiley exposes Angel Reese

“So whether she had four-hour practices or not she says she did and that’s a problem because that problem is… um, excuse me Angel here’s the devil on the other shoulder.

You know in the NCAA we can’t allow that to happen you know there are rules against long practices, especially four-hour practices. So what? Are you telling the truth? You are. Oh! LSU y’all in trouble or girl you lying. You embellishing it. You…you putting a little extra sauce on it okay y’all good so immediately,” Wiley stated.

Wiley opined that either Reese must be lying or the LSU staff Redus might be speaking falsely. The reason for this was that during the Championship days, the athletes were allowed to practice for 4 hours per day. However, any match amounts to three hours of practice. Therefore, on the game days, Reese couldn’t be practicing for more than one hour.

Whereas in the non-championship season, athletes can give their 4 hours per day. When compared to the out-of-season, then the players can also spend 8 hours a week in individual or team workouts with each workout not taking more than 2 hours per day.

This made it feel as if either LSU was lying or Reese was exaggerating things from her end. However, from the LSU’s end it looked as if Reese was making up a lie.

LSU staff Gary Redus challenges Angel Reese

Taking cognizance of her statement, the assistant coach from Mulkey’s order Gary Redus stated that they didn’t practice four hours every day since the NCAA rule doesn’t allow college athletes to spend over four hours in practice. “We don’t practice 4 hours every day 😭 But you leave LSU prepared! 💪🏽,” stated Gary Redus.

To which Reese replied, “not everyday BUT SEPTEMBER TO NOVEMBER USED TO HAVE ME DEADDDD but look at me now, i guess it was all worth it.” The problems with her statements emerged since as mentioned the NCAA has a limiting rule of practice hours during the season and the off-season. And competing in the games also counts as some activity hours.

Hopefully, Reese will keep the NCAA rules in mind while giving any further statements. And concentrate on the upcoming games to get the best out of her -practice.

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